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We make lowering your energy cost as "Simple as Sunshine!" As a family owned solar installer, we offer service across the state of Missouri and eastern Illinios. We strive to be the premier installer in our market and to offer the best service possible and to provide our clients with a quality experience. We believe Solar Energy is the best energy alternative available, and we take pride in offering a quality product that our clients take pride in owning.

Why Solar?

Solar energy is an exciting opportunity for everyone! There are many benefits to switching to your own, self sustaining, renewable source of energy. Solar has emerged as one of the most attractive forms of renewable energy to consumers because of its reliability, large capacity, and financial feasibility. With installation cost at an all time low and lucrative tax incentives, solar not only offers you an opportunity to become energy independent, but it also a sizeable return on your investment (see how it works).

In 2014, 36% of all new electric capacity in th U.S. came in the form of solar energy, this represents an annual growth of 41%. There are currently 600,000 homes and businesses in the United States that rely on solar energy, which is expected to grow to over 1 million by the end of 2015, and 600,000 systems are expected to be installed in the year of 2016 alone (SEIA). The fact is: Solar Energy is booming in the United States and more and more people are benefiting financially as well as helping keep our planet cleaner and cutting our reliance on dirty, expensive, nonrenewable energy.

Our clients that have already joined the solar movement are benefiting from the systems we install in many ways. They are attracted to Solar for many reasons and are prospering financially because of their reduced/nonexistant electrtic bill. Besides the reduced energy cost there are still many advantages to going solar.

Key Solar Advantages

Fast Facts

The chart below represents the recent and projected growth in solar energy in Megawatts in the United States. (SEIA)

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