About Us

Turnbull Contracting, LLC is a family owned solar installation company based in Bowling Green, MO. Turnbull Contracting, LLC was founded in 2012 by owner Darrell Turnbull. Darrell is an experienced contractor and electrician with many years of experience owning and operating his family's businesses.

Our Mission

We strive to be the best solar provider in our market; as a family owned business, we understand and try to offer the best service possible. We believe that solar energy is the premier form of renewable energy and want to help our market become more energy independent and rely less on nonrenewable energy sources. Solar is a wonderful opportunity that benefits everyone either directly or indirectly. Every time we install a system the demand for nonrenewable energy goes down, this not only helps protect our environment but it also keeps the price of nonrenewable energy sources down. With electric cost rising each year and nonrenewable energy reserves getting smaller and smaller, the transition to renewable energy sources across the world has become more and more important.

Meet Our Team

Darrell Turnbull

Owner/Project Manager

Darrell is the founder of Turnbull Contracting, LLC and is in charge of the operations. As a project Manager, Darrell brings years of experience as business owner and as a qualified electrician and contractor.


Ashley Turnbull

Owner/Customer Service

Ashley is an experienced customer service professional and has been part of the family business for years. She handles all the net metering agreements and monitoring the systems throughout their lives to insure quality.

Dan Hopke

Sales Manager

Dan is an experienced salesman and customer service professional. He is a catalyst in our 5 step process and helps the customer find exactly what they are looking for